Two Tone Hair Color

Two Tone Hair Color
Two tone hair coloring is a new style, that has recently come up in the area of hair coloring. Two toned hair color is different from highlights. Many people think that highlights and two toned hair colors, are one and the same. The style requires that the top half of the hair to be colored using one hair color and the bottom half is done using a different hair color.

The best way to achieve a two tone hair color is seek professional help. But if you feel that you are a hair coloring pro, then try these simple tips to get the two tone hair color effect. Try these do-it-yourself instructions, for two tone hair color:

Hair Coloring Advice for Two Tone
  • The most important hair coloring advice for two tone hair coloring, is by using colors of the same color family. If your try to mix and match the colors, you may end up with a hair color disaster.
  • Mostly, the top half of the hair is colored using the lighter shade and the bottom half of the hair is colored in a darker shade. You can try the opposite, if you feel that it will look better
Choosing Color Shades
The main aspect of two toned color, is contrast. A dramatic effect can be created using light and dark shades, when they are paired together. Choose shades according to your skin tone, natural hair color and the color that you'll feel comfortable wearing.
Two Toned Hair Color Styles
There are basically three styles of two toned hair color:

Top and Bottom layers: The top and bottom are fully colored using a different color shade. This is the most preferred type of coloring among all the hair coloring styles. The lighter tone is usually used on the top and the lower layers are colored using the darker shades of a contrasting color.

Chunks: You can add a second color to go along with your natural hair color. You can create a colorful look by adding chunks, either in the bangs or along the cheeks.

Cored Tips: This funky style looks well with short haircuts. You can add about half an inch of color on the tips of your hair to create a lively two tones hair color effect.

Two Tone Hair Coloring Instructions
The easiest and simplest way to a two tone hair color look, is dividing your hair horizontally into two parts. You can use the top of your ears as reference points. Color the upper hair layer and wrap the hair in a shower cap. Now color the bottom half of the hair and allow the color to set for an appropriate time period. After the colors are set, rinse the bottom half first. Then, remove the shower cap and wash the upper layer of hair.

You can even try two tone hair color using the natural shade of your hair. Pick a shade you want to color your hair with and decide which part you want to color. Then divide the hair horizontally into two and color the section that you have decided to color. This will help you create a two tone hair color, using the natural hair shade.

Another way is to try the chunky hair highlights. Pick a shade for the top half of your hair. The natural hair shade will be the color at the bottom half of the hair. Use foils and create thick chunks of streaking color, along the top of your head. Color the specific hair strands, by separating them using foils. You can even color the areas outside the foil, using a secondary color. This will give you a customized two toned look.

This visually appealing hair coloring style, looks decent and adds the extra zing to your persona. You can choose contrasting natural shades to double tones. Two tone hair color creates a look of attitude, without compromising on the girl-next-door image. So go ahead and set the town on fire, with your two tone hair color!